WHILST lots of things have changed over the years on Glasgow’s Clydeside, a lot still remains the same.

The Crowne Plaza opened as a hotel thirty years ago this month in 1989 and it’s time to celebrate one of Glasgow’s most glamorous showbiz homes.

In the coming weeks, The Crown Plaza will celebrate their 30th birthday with an eighties-themed party for staff and friends alike. Jason Dombrower, current manager of the Plaza, is also celebrating by giving a local Glasgow business the chance to win free shop space for a full year.

“We thought it would be a really nice idea to give back to the local business com,unity”, said Jason. “Any local business can apply and we want to hold a competition where the winner will receive the most lucrative commodity yet - free space, for a whole year”.

The Crown Plaza was initially called the Forum Hotel, and then the Moat House until 2005. It was one of the first new builds on the Clydeside, with 17-storeys, 300 bedrooms and banqueting facilities for 1200. It cost £22.5m to build and has played host to hundreds, including celebrities such as Tyson Furey, Bradley Wiggins and The Krankies.

Angela Gaught, 56 from Barrhead, has worked as the senior soux-chef since The Crowne Plaza opened. “For me, the menu really reflects the change over the years. We used to serve shark, and now we cater to vegans, vegetarians, gluten free. It’s about keeping up with the times.”

Indeed, Jason tells us that 30 years previous it was a “big deal” to have an individual telephone in the room - now, everyone carries their own.

A price comparison is staggering. In 1989, a pint of lager would set one back by £1.50, compared to today’s £5.25. Breakfast was only £8.50 - and only Champagne, not Prosecco, was on the menu.