OUR article in Tuesday’s Evening Times on former Scotland and Rangers striker Kris Boyd branding football a middle-class sport in Scotland after the national side’s latest defeat sparked many comments. Here’s a selection...

Scotland is a mess from top to bottom not just football wise. A country that is torn apart with no real direction and in fact seems to be going backwards.

Gerry McGonigle, posted online

“A country that is torn apart with no real direction and in fact seems to be going backwards” – I think that also applies to the whole of the UK given the current situation. How come the rugby crowd manage to sort themselves out yet the football can’t.

Bobby McEwan, posted online

Good manager and reasonable players, but no hunger or pride in country!

The players have secured financial security for the rest of their lives before emerging from their teens.

We live in a country that gives top billing to the league and national team of another country courtesy of the state broadcaster, this is completely wrong!

Time for a complete rethink of Scottish football from schools to broadcasting, whilst doing so we need to get behind Clarke and the team!

Lachie McLeay, posted online

I TOTALLY get where Kris Boyd is coming from, as the system of producing players from working class homes collapsed with the demise of competitive school football, which used to produce many fine players and the only way that young players can now progress is if their parents pay for coaching.

That will never produce as many players and it is sad to pass so many unused pitches as I travel around, despite hearing that there is a shortage of pitches.

As an example of that, I frequently see a top-quality pitch near my daughter’s home in Netherlee lying unmarked and unused. This pitch is a magnificent sporting facility and it is a tragedy that it isn’t being used at all, never mind regularly, as it certainly would have been 30 years ago.

William Logan, posted online