A teenager who trained his three dogs to brutally fight wild animals has been caught after an investigation by the Scottish SPCA.

Patrick Carter, 19, has been banned from owning animals for 20 years after being found in posession of multiple videos showign his dogs fighting with foxes and dragging badgers from their sets.

In one video, a person pinned a badger in place whilst the dogs attacked.

Screenshots from the clips show the brutal nature of the attacks, which often left the Greenock man's dogs seriously injured.

Messages were also recovered of conversations between Carter and his associates discussing animal fighting in anticipation, and as a result, of a hunt.

Glasgow Times: Patrick Carter forced his dogs to fight other animalsPatrick Carter forced his dogs to fight other animals

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At his home, inspectors from the Scottish SPCA found items associated with animal fighting such as a hunting lamp, clothing and used animal nets.

Carter of Lansbury Street in Greenock, pled guilty at Greenock Sheriff Court on September 11. 

Along with the ban, Carter was given a 225-hour community payback order, a 12-month supervision order and a restriction of liberty order from 11pm to 7am to last for six months.

The dogs involved in the case are a black patterdale named Laddie, a tan short haired lurcher named Murphy and a tan long haired lurcher named Max.

All three were signed in to the care of the Scottish SPCA and have since been successfully rehomed.

Glasgow Times: His dogs were often left with severe injuryHis dogs were often left with severe injury

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The probe was launched in June 2018 after concerns were raised about the welfare of the teenager's dogs.

An investigation discovered he regularly made his dogs fight wild animals and that they had subsequently suffered severe injuries.

After obtaining a search warrant, investigators found three dogs with injuries consistent with animal fighting.

An undercover Scottish SPCA special investigations unit inspector said, “Badger baiting and animal fighting are far more common than people would think and anyone engaging in this barbaric activity must be punished appropriately and disqualified from keeping animals.

“The video on Carter’s phone were gut-wrenching. The animals he set his dogs on would have endured terrible suffering before they were killed.

“Whilst his dogs appeared to be in good general health when we searched his property, Laddie had severe facial injuries consistent with animal fighting and Max had scarring to the jaw area and his leg.

“On further examination, Laddie and Max were found to have scarring and deformities within the mouth and nose consistent with previous severe traumatic injuries.

“Multiple videos of animal fighting were found on Carter’s personal devices, featuring all three of his dogs. All of the videos found were incredibly disturbing to view and the animals involved were clearly in great distress and suffered the most horrific end to their lives."

Glasgow Times: Dogs could be seen 'howling in pain' during the videosDogs could be seen 'howling in pain' during the videos

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They added: “Videos show the dogs howling in pain due to the injuries they sustained from the badgers jaws. It’s not only the wildlife that suffered in this case.

“In one video Carter boasts about the substantial injuries Max suffers to his jaw and he did not seek veterinary care for the injury.

“Sadly, this is normal among animal fighters desperate to avoid arousing suspicion about their illegal activities. This can result in DIY veterinary care at home which can cause further unnecessary suffering.

“Over the animals screams, voices can be heard in the footage goading and encouraging the dogs to tear the animals apart.  It is evident they were enjoying the fights.

“There was outcry in the court when the videos were shown due to the horrific content. The Sheriff commented that these were sickening offences and he was disturbed that Carter took pleasure and enjoyment in watching animals in distress.”

If anyone has any information regarding other individuals who are involved in animal fighting, they are urged to contact the Scottish SPCA animal helpline on 03000 999 999.  All calls are treated confidentially.