This is the moment a game of swingball came to a premature end - after the First Minister was whacked on the head with a tennis ball.

Nicola Sturgeon was on a visit to Dennistoun when she stopped for a quick game with former SNP MP Anne McLaughlin.

The pair faced off, yellow racquets in hand, when Ms McLaughlin struck the ball as hard as she could - causing it to smack into the back of Ms Sturgeon's head.

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Onlookers seemed to be in a state between shock and amusement as the First minister staggered away slightly.

She shared the video with her Twitter followers and said: “Great time in Dennistoun today – until the moment @AnneMcLaughlin whacked me on the head with a tennis ball!"

Ms McLaughlin later responded to the video, jokingly replying: “I play to win these days. And I did.”

And Judy Murray joined in on the fun after the First Minister joked she may need some lessons from the mother of two Wimbledon legends.

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“So @JudyMurray it might be time for me to get some lessons,” tweeted Ms Sturgeon.

The tennis coach replied: “I would say so. Ready when you are.”