Large-sized rat burrows made by the rodents have been seen on the corner of Dalhousie Street and Buccleuch Street. 

The rat infestation was first reported by the Garnethill Neighbourhood Watch. 

Videos that were taken next to 38 Buccleuch Street demonstrate the severity of the issue with multiple rats emerging from the burrows within seconds.

From January 2018 to May 2019, Buccleuch Street has had 13 visits by domestic pest control to deal with rats and mice. 

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Earlier this summer, it was reported that Glasgow City Council had received 14,000 complaints about rat infestations in Glasgow. 

The reports led to the issue being raised in Holyrood by Glasgow Labour MSP Johann Lamont. 

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Housing Minister Kevin Stewart acknowledged the reports and said that councils were obliged to take steps to ensure their areas are free from rats.