Climate madness

THE biggest climate change ‘elephant in the room’ is that higher CO2 levels are actually good for life on Earth and that CO2 does not cause warming but rather CO2 rises as a response to higher temps – the foundation to the climate change argument is provable false yet apparently ‘the science is settled’. What they have planned for us is utter madness!

Jason Galloway, posted online

Are we guilty?

SO we reduce our carbon emissions while China and India pollute more. This will mean offsetting, which doesn’t change a thing for the climate. So this is about changing our way of life rather than anything to do with changing the climate. It’s one world so pollution effects all the planet. Not that everyone agrees climate isn’t just a natural phenomenon anyway. Peoplekind did not cause the last ice age or the thawing out. It’s very selective to concern themselves with making people feel guilty about leading an ordinary life that we have done for years. Now it’s a problem, regime change comes.

Carol Daly, posted online

Fine the litterbugs

Rob Maslen is very commendable in his attitude to clearing up litter (Evening Times, September 12). It’s just a pity that litter spreaders are rarely prosecuted or fined! When did anyone last see a Litter Warden? Have they gone extinct? Our vast number of Parking Wardens should be re-termed Enviromental Wardens and given power to issue on the spot fines. They tend to work in pairs, at least around the West End, and should be safe enough.

Westender 1, posted online

Smoke signals

Challenge anyone dropping litter on Glasgow and you take your life in your hands. Same with those who think smoking is allowed on any part of a railway station (platforms included!).

Colin MacEwan, Glasgow