Health secretary Jeane Freeman has agreed to meet with parents of children with cancer over their concerns about Glasgow’s flagship hospital campus.

Parents of several children who have been treated for leukaemia called on the Cabinet Secretary to meet with them to discuss the ongoing problems at the £842m Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) and adjacent Royal Hospital for Children.

Reports leaked to our sister paper the Herald on Sunday yesterday highlighted a number of issues with the site, including concerns about a ventilation system which could put people with low immune systems at risk, missing or inaccurate record keeping, and wards which were not built for purpose.

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Parents requested a face-to-face summit with Ms Freeman to discuss the care their children have received.

Annemarie Kirkpatrick and Alfie Rawson are among the those who called for the meeting.

Ms Kirkpatrick’s daughter Stevie-Jo was struck down with a rare bacteria while being treated at the QEUH for cancer, leaving her with lesions all over her body.

Mr Rawson’s daughter, three-year-old Paige, contracted a similar infection while also undergoing treatment for cancer.

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Ms Kirkpatrick said: “Parents want to meet Jeane Freeman to find out exactly what is going on. As we’ve said before, we feel like we’ve been misled about the risks at these hospitals.

“We have been fobbed off by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, and quite frankly Ms Freeman has dismissed my own concerns in the past when I wrote to her.

“She assured me the hospital was safe after a boy died from bird-poo fungus, and weeks after she told me it was safe my daughter caught this horrible infection.”

She added that the incident had shaken her faith in the healthcare system, saying: “It’s hard to know who to trust now, but we need answers and we don’t feel we are getting them from the health board.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “The Cabinet Secretary has instructed her officials to make arrangements for her to meet with Mrs Kilpatrick and other families affected by the current situation as early as possible so she can hear directly of their concerns.

“Ms Freeman commissioned an independent Review to look at the QEUH building’s design, commissioning, handover and ongoing maintenance to establish how these matters contribute to effective infection prevention.”