CELTIC legend Chris Sutton has celebrated his son's milestone 18th birthday - by thanking the medical staff at a Glasgow hospital.

The father-of-five said his son James was the family's 'miracle boy' as the teenager marked his 18th birthday yesterday.

In a post on Twitter, Sutton, 46, still had praise for the medical staff at the former children's hospital Yorkhill for saving his life, almost two decades on. 

He said: "Happy 18th Birthday to our miracle boy James. We are still so grateful to the doctors and nurses at Yorkhill Hospital for saving his life all those years ago...he’s grown into a fine young man."

The sweet birthday message was shared and liked by thousands of the former footballer's fans on the social media website. 

One fan said: "Happy 18th birthday to James and God bless the legends of Yorkhill, best hospital."

Another added: "Aw Happy Birthday! I was one of those nurses and man do I now feel old."

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Chris, who played for Celtic from 2000 to 2006, previously hailed the medical team at the city hospital in his book Paradise and Beyond. 

The Daily Record previously reported that James was born on September 15, 2001, at just 28 weeks, weighing 3lb 1oz. 

He was kept in intensive care for weeks before he was released from the hospital. 

Sutton's wife Sam had the tot home just 10 days when his condition took a turn for the worse - while the star was abroad for a UEFA Cup tie between Celtic and Valencia. 

His wife Sam previously recalled: "I got to the hospital, sat in the waiting area and then James went a funny colour, sort of blue and purple around his mouth. He stopped breathing so I shook him a couple of times, which made him breathe again. Seconds later, his face went purple.

"I ran to reception and asked to see a nurse. I was told one was on the way then I screamed that my baby had stopped breathing.

"Within seconds, six or eight nurses grabbed James and took him into a side room.

"I was left standing there, completely helpless. It was a horrible moment. It didn’t seem real. I didn’t know what was happening and I didn’t know if I was going to see my son alive again or not. I was in a state of shock."

The footballer thanked a consultant Dr Coutts who revealed James had died and come back to life again. He had a condition called RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus).

Sutton, who rushed to his son's bedside after returning from Valencia, said: "I still remember all the attachments to his body as he lay on a life-support machine and he looked totally helpless. I felt terrible. As a dad, I just wanted to pick him up, cuddle him and make everything go away.

"When we got him home, we were very protective. Some children in the hospital with James, unfortunately, didn’t make it.

"James was one of the lucky ones."

Since leaving Celtic, Sutton has gone on to become a successful TV pundit for BT Sport.

You can purchase the book here