Pupils on climate strikes

I HOPE the sensible kids that stay in classes aren’t going to suffer because their classmates are playing catch up when they return to school.

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If my kid wanted to take time off school for this I’d be buying her hemp clothing, taking all her designer stuff and devices off her, feeding her quinoa and beans and turning the electric and gas off to see how much she likes it.

Paul Murphy, posted online

‘Bizarre’ move by LibDems

Liberal Democrat opposition to the holding of a second referendum on Scottish independence is more than a little bizarre.

While the party calls for a second EU vote on the one hand, it then notes opposition to the holding of a second independence referendum on the other.

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This would be the case even if the SNP on its own or with the Greens wins an outright majority in the Scottish Parliament elections on a platform of holding another such vote.

The logic that somehow people should be allowed another say on Brexit but not on Scottish independence smacks of hypocrisy of the highest order.

It appears that the Liberal Democrats are neither liberal or democratic.

Alex Orr, via email

Time to crack a smile

Is it just me that’s sick of seeing the whole dour-faced family Beckham in the papers constantly?

Sir David seldom smiles, while Queen Vic, I don’t ever recall with a smile on her face and it now appears to be rubbing off on the princes and princess.

They lead the most lavish of lifestyles that most can only dream of yet appear as if the world owes them something else.

Richard Low, via email