Glasgow City Council's Sauchiehall Avenue project is complete, and the Evening Times have been given a first look.

The multi-million pound endeavour, which has been delivered on time and on budget, now sees significantly more space open to pedestrians, as well as greatly improved cycle options along one of the centre's busiest routes.

Glasgow Times:

With half of the former four-lane carriageway now given up to cleared walkways, trees, and a two-lane cycle path, the atmosphere of Sauchiehall Street is now markedly different.

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The project - between Charing Cross and Rose Street - aims to regenerate a part of one of the most recognisable streets in Glasgow.

Wholesale changes are now visible, as the project meets its conclusion.

Glasgow Times:

New lighting on the street brighten the Avenue, painting the areas around them in technicolour, with attached spotlights focusing aspects of the street.

A new central reservation, brimming with greenery and places for the public to sit, take away much of the street furniture which previously cramped pathways, leaving more room for those walking up and down the street.

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Bike racks also line the sides of the roads, leaving plenty of room for cyclists using the busy new route.

Even roads are not car-focused, with side streets meeting the Avenue opened with crossings, putting pedestrians first.