CAN’T stand clutter? Me neither.

I believe a tidy house is a tidy mind – and I hate chaos. I’m also a great believer in making life easier for myself.

De-cluttering is good for you too – it clears the mind and decreases your stress levels, not to mention the reduction in dust. The queen of de-cluttering, Marie Kondo, says every item you own should bring you joy.

If that’s not how you feel about your home just now, it’s time to start clearing out and tidying up.

I am not one of those people who have a ‘junk drawer’ in my house. If something has to live in a ‘junk drawer’, then you don’t need to keep it at all.

I’m pretty ruthless. I firmly believe if you haven’t used it in six months it has to go to the charity shop or the tip.

When it comes to organisation, Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo are my inspiration.

Proper storage is a must, especially if you have kids. I separate things into categories – in the bedroom for example, I have an underwear drawer, with dividers (from IKEA); in my clothing drawers, everything is folded in a certain way to make sure I can see things properly; in the kitchen, organisers from eBay keep my cups and plates tidy; I have space saving coat hangers and tubs for hats, scarves, hairdryer and toiletries, in the wardrobes. And of course, all the tubs and storage boxes match my décor.

Pop on over to my Instagram @myhomeismyhaven to see more ideas.

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MUST HAVE BUY – The highlight of my week was buying a Dymo Label Maker (£14.99, Aldi). It’s so useful. I have labelled everything. Cereal containers, condiments. I have even labelled my label-maker. Is that wrong? The large display enables you to see text effects on screen before you print, while the easy to use navigation buttons allow for fast access to special features. I never knew labelling could be so exciting. Be warned – it’s addictive.

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CLEANING HACK OF THE WEEK – I’m helping my sister-in-law organise the kids’ toy room. Toys can get icky and host a variety of germs. I shared a tip from my son’s LEGO-playing days - pop all the pieces into a laundry bag and stick them in the washing machine. We also stuck some of the other toys in the dishwasher – as always, check the instructions of your appliances as not all toys will be suitable for this.