Climate crisis campaign group Extinction Rebellion (XR) have held a protest during Glasgow University's freshers fair.

A banner reading 'Change is Coming' was dropped in front of the university's main gate this afternoon as part of the launch of the XR universities movement.

The banner remained there from 1pm until the Students Representatives Council of the university asked for it to be taken down.

Activists then remained nearby, speaking to students about the climate crisis and explaining why they were taking these actions.

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Vidya Nanthakumar, a 19-year-old student at the university, said: "The aim of this action is to raise awareness to students at the University of Glasgow about the climate and ecological crisis, and the lack of action universities around the UK are taking.

"The University of Glasgow was the first European University to begin divestment, in 2014, and have been doing well to meet their target of complete divestment by 2024.

"However, they need to be doing more, and doing it faster, especially now that they have committed to declaring a climate emergency.

"Divestment is great start, but it’s one of many things that need to be done. The University is only committed to cutting greenhouse gas emission to ‘nearly zero’ by 2050, which is 20 years after the IPCC report recommends. We need to be at net zero by 2025."

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As of April 30, the university held 5.49% in the oil/gas sector, ahead of their interim target of 6.4% by September, to reach full divestment by 2024.

The XR Universities moment, launched this week, is callin gon 14 establishments to prioritise climate education for students of all disciplines.

They will be taking action across September and October to highlight "the need for educational reform". 

A spokesperson for the University of Glasgow said, "The University Court decided in 2014 to reduce holdings in the oil/gas energy sector from 10% to 0% by 2025.  

"The interim target was to reduce holdings to 6.4% by September 2019.  As of 30 April 2019 the holding was 5.49% of our portfolio, which is well ahead of schedule.

"The University will also be bringing forward proposals in the autumn to engage the University community more directly in the effort to progressively achieve carbon neutrality."