They thought they had pulled off a piece of marketing genius - offering 1000 pizzas to freshers and students for just £1 at their pop up eatery.

But bosses at Bloc might soon be regretting the decision...after accidentally printing 10,000 flyers with the offer.

You heard that right. 10,000 pizzas for only £1 each.

Bloc could be excused for trying to conjure up an excuse to get out of the deal - but they're staying true to the offer.

The posted the news on Facebook: "We thought we printed off 1000 flyers offering £1 pizzas to freshers/students at our Pop Up.

"Some rocket in our office got it wrong and added an extra zero so there are currently 10,000 circulating Glasgow and we have to honour them.

"So if you get handed one of these best make the most of it. FML."

So pizza fans - what are you waiting for?

Track down one of the flyers and head to the Finnieston Pop Up on Claremont Street before October 31.