More than a thousand independence supporters gathered in Glasgow for the fifth annual “Hope over Fear” rally today.

Hope Over Fear the Final Countdown Rally marked the anniversary of the independence referendum in 2014.

It began at 11:30am at George Square which they were calling “Freedom Square” and was kicked off by the Soar Alba Pipes and Drums.

Over 1000 people gathered in the square at the start of the rally, with police at the event estimating between 3000 and 4000 to visit altogether throughout the day.

Former MSP Tommy Sheridan led the events running order and announced the many speakers and performers during the event.

Of the event, he said: “There is a very simple message that is radiating from this rally and from, I believe, the grassroots of the independence movement and that is: use the mandate, name the date, no fear only hope.

“What we are saying loud and clear is you don’t need permission for something that is already our inalienable right.”

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Speaking of the turnout, he said: “We are over the moon. We are happy everyone that is here is having a great time.

“That’s what is most important about our events, anybody that attends a Hope over Fear rally goes home happy and inspired and determined to continue the fight for independence.”

All Under One Banner organiser Gary J Kelly said: “It is hard to tell, I’m usually an organiser for marches and rallies – today there could be anywhere between 5000 and 10,000 people in George Square.

“It is important to show an appetite for Scottish independence. Everybody seems to think there is no appetite in Scotland for another independence referendum but the people have been shouting for the past two years at every march I’ve been to.

“This year in Glasgow we had over 100,000 so the appetite is definitely there.”

The rally was met at one point by the Independent Loyal Orange Order, one of the four Loyalist marches taking place on the day.

However, organisers of the Hope over Fear rally confirmed that the march passed the square peacefully at 10am, well before the event’s start.

One of the volunteers that according to their counts only 12 people were seen attending the march.

Hope over Fear volunteer Sean Mellon said: “It was quite peaceful with no hostility for us and definitely no hostility for them.

 “Freedom of speech, freedom to protest and to assemble is core to democracy. I might not agree with a lot of these people walking past, but it is their right to do so.”

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Speakers at the event included several councillors and political figures such as councillor Audrey Doig, SNP councillor Jean McLung and National columnist Paul Kavannagh.

In between speeches, the atmosphere was kept high by performers such as The Well Happy Band and the Crossing Giants.

Sean Burns, 50, who performed at the event as George Michael impersonator, George Too Funky, said: “This event is going to be good; we are here to tell Nicola to name the date.

“She cannot wait until Brexit happens and we are dragged out of the EU, Scotland voted by a huge percentage to stay in the EU and we won’t be dragged out against our will.”

He added: “Scotland wants to stay. We are an open, welcome and friendly country and we welcome people who come to Scotland, we welcome refugees and we welcome the European Union.

“Right now, what we need is Scotland’s voice heard at the top table of the EU world leaders,” he added.