A CONCERNED parent has issued a plea for traffic calming measures to be installed on a congested residential street to prevent a serious accident.

Martin White from Hogganfield wants to stop drivers from parking on pavements which is creating a dangerous situation on Mossvale Road for children walking to and from either of the two primary schools at the end of the street.

There are already 389 signatures with petitioners aiming for another 111 to meet their target.

Croftcroighn Primary School and Avenue End Primary School, which both sit at 290 Mossvale Road, are not part of the school car free zones which seeks to prevent parents parking outside school gates and nearby areas.

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Glasgow City Council is piloting the school car free zone to limit traffic in streets surrounding schools at key times to create a safer and more pleasant environment.

It aims to promote active travel while reducing congestion and pollution in the area.

In his petition Mr White said: “Congestion on Mossvale Road has become a dangerous issue. Traffic has become unmanageable at times when two primary schools are starting and ending their day.

“Cars are blocking the road, parking and turning at inappropriate places making it dangerous for children to make their way to and from school.

“Emergency services are also finding are difficult to negotiate the road at these busy times. Kishorn Place is heavily congested. Someone is going to get seriously injured or killed.”

Glasgow City Council has confirmed that the issue is due to be discussed by their agencies in due course.

The petitioner, who needs to live in Glasgow, must have a minimum of 25 signatures to support their cause.

Supporters are also encouraged to share their petition online via social media to gain more support.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “We are aware of drivers parking inconsiderately and creating a range of road traffic issues along Mossvale Road.

“Parking attendants have been operating in the area and that has helped to improve the flow of traffic along the road.

“A meeting has taken place between our road safety team, local schools and police and we are looking at ways in which traffic during the school run could be managed more effectively.”

The car free zone pilot, which is expected to continue into next year, was launched in August when the school retuned after the summer.

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There are six primary schools included in the trial including Broomhill, Hillhead, Our Lady of the Rosary, Bankhead, St. Blane’s and Lourdes Primary School.

The restrictions mean that most vehicles, including those driven by parents and carers at the six schools will not be able to drive into the roads covered by the restrictions to drop off or pick up children while the restriction is in force.

There are some exemptions which allows certain traffic to use these roads while the restrictions are in place.

It is hoped the scheme will see an increase in walking and cycling and encourage active lifestyles for pupils and parents/carers

A reduction in traffic speed, congestion and pollution around the school gates which will aid children and parents when accessing school is also expected while improving levels of childhood obesity.

The spokesman for the local authority continued: “We are currently in the midst of an 18-month trial of car free zones at six schools across Glasgow.

“Once the trial is complete and evaluated, we hope to roll-out the scheme to other schools, where appropriate.”

To sign the petition visit https://www.change.org/p/glasgow-city-council-traffic-calming-mossvale-road.