STILL Game star Sanjeev Kohli was warned by Glasgow councillors after claims tenants smoked drugs and threw used condoms from a window in his West End flat.

Disgusted neighbours also alleged the tenants hosted large parties, urinated and vomited in a communal close and even dropped a kitchen knife from their window.

However, Mr Kohli – who played shopkeeper Navid in the hit BBC sitcom – was still granted a three-year housing in multiple occupation (HMO) licence extension for his Hyndland property.

He has also been granted a licence extension for another property on Cecil Street, Hillhead.

Licensing chairman Alex Wilson said councillors had “no proof” the issues had been caused by the actor’s tenants as police and council staff had “no history of complaints”.

Glasgow Times: Sanjeev Kohli has been warned by Glasgow City CouncilSanjeev Kohli has been warned by Glasgow City Council

Kohli Properties, which manages the flat for Mr Kohli, said tenants were warned about anti-social behaviour before moving in but “can only be controlled by any landlord so much”.

A company representative insisted the neighbours couldn’t prove their allegations. However, after hearing neighbours’ concerns, councillor Aileen McKenzie said: “I think that’s appalling. There are children playing in that close, it’s just not good enough.”

Mr Kohli’s representative had told councillors how whenever a complaint is received they write to the tenants. They recalled someone being sick in the close, admitting it was “unpleasant” but adding the tenants “put their hands up to that” and cleaned it the next day.

“A lot of this just doesn’t come down to our flat,” the representative added. “What proof do they have it comes from our flat. Can they prove that?”

Ms McKenzie put forward a motion calling for a restricted one-year licence and a warning.

Mr Wilson said: “It is worrying on paper but we have no outright proof it came from your flat.” 

He put forward an amendment to allow the full three-year licence. It passed by five votes to two.

A spokesperson for Kohli Properties said: “The licence was granted for the full three-year term. The HMO, health and safety and fire safety standards of the flat are in line with regulations. The tenants’ conduct can only be controlled by any landlord so much.

“The majority of our tenants are students and we have no issues with them. Tenants are informed when they move into flats that we do not tolerate anti-social behaviour.“With regards to complaints raised, there was no evidence that they were linked to our flat.

“Further to this, the objections relate to complaints made two years ago. No complaints relating to this property have been received in our office since 2017.

 “The professional profile of Mr Kohli is irrelevant as it has nothing to do with this business or the running of this property or any other that we manage on his behalf.”