Holidaymakers affected by the closure of travel giant Thomas Cook have begun to return to Glasgow as the first flight of customers landed in the city, fearing some may have been left behind. 

Earlier on Monday it wsa confirmed the company had ceased trading, leaving as many as 150,000 people in the lurch, and 21,000 jobs at risk. 

Glasgow Airport has since said around 2,400 people could be hit, along with the staff in the area under threat. 

On Monday afternoon the first flight back to Glasgow carrying Thomas Cook customers arrived from Zante. 

Those who had taken the journey say the news about the company is sad, especially after a few 'stressful' days of uncertainty. 

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One woman, who works in airports, said she fears some people may have been left behind after the replacement flight took off early. 

Donna Young, 57, said: "There were some Thomas Cook staff there, but we weren’t offered any water or extra information. I work in Edinburgh Airport, so I did say some more information and some water would be nice because we didn’t get it. 

“We think some people have missed the flight back – our boarding passes said 14.40 for boarding, and they boarded an hour and a half before that. It just came up ‘boarding’ and then ‘final call’. We think about maybe 6 or 10 people have missed their flight. Some appeared after they said 10 had missed it."

However, the replacement flights seem to have been comfortable enough for passengers, who will now be relieved to be home. 

Chis Salen, 42, Livingston was coming back from Zante with his 17-year-old daughter, Erin.

He said: "“It was actually a good flight; Miami airlines were brilliant. They were fantastic.

"There wasn’t much of a hold-up - a 45-minute delay on the flight time. Apart from that, flight-wise, it was brilliant. 

“It was stressful finding out the news about Thomas Cook. It was very sad news. But as I say, they’ve handled it well.

"ATOL have been brilliant and the flight back was brilliant.”

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Jackie McDonald, a 53-year-old from Bellshill, said she was shocked to find out the news. 

She added: ""The buses were all cancelled and they had to get taxis for everyone.

"But we ended up with an American airline on the way back, so it was fine.

"The last few days we couldn't get a hold of the Thomas Cook reps.

"I was quite shocked that we hadn’t been told. I thought they would say to people beforehand."

Meanwhile, Frances McGhee shared her sympathy for those whose jobs are at risk. 

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She added: “There were plenty of reassurances that everyone was going to get home. We hope the thousands of staff will find another job.”

Lisa Conway echoed this. The 30-year-old from Bishopton said: "When we got up this morning, a few hours before we were due to get transferred we found out. We went to see how we got on but it was fine.

"It was a bit of a wait, we waited three hours in a non-moving queue with a one year old, which was quite hard. But apart from that they were really good. Obviously some people were upset, they had just lost their jobs." 

David Rennolds, also from Saltcoats, added: "Our flight was really good, nice. We had an American firm, Miami Airlines and it was a super-duper plane. It seems we benefitted from the experience. 

“Oddly enough their systems were still working until last night - I checked in with the phone to my Thomas Cook flight. This morning, the coach arrived and picked us up and the ATOL guys were there and we checked in with a different airline – we didn’t even know what airline it was. There was no problem whatsoever. 

“We’ve lost a friend, basically, with the end of Thomas Cook. We travel with TUI but there’s only that left now: we’ve lost another opportunity for booking holidays. They were very efficient, Thomas Cook.”