A TWISTED care worker who told a vulnerable OAP suffering from dementia: 'You remind me of my mother and I f****** hate my mother' has been struck off.

Daniel Akers subjected the elderly woman to a pattern of psychological abuse at Rowandale Nursing Home in Glasgow 'for his own gratification', an inquiry was told.

The abuse included repeatedly asking her where the toilet was knowing she did not have the capacity to answer.

He also lied to the elderly woman, more than once, that he was on the phone to someone she knew and making a complaint about her, which left her distressed.

The OAP was also told to wear her jacket indoors "in an attempt to humiliate her." Another charge found proved states that Akers pushed her in the back.

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Dementia experts praised staff for coming forward to report the abuse and said the SSSC's decisive action had showed that cruelty towards the elderly "will not be tolerated."

Akers denied the allegations and suggested whistleblowers had been motivated by unhappiness at changes he had made to shift patterns and stopping “fag breaks” at the Pollokshields home.

However the three witnesses, who were all in more junior positions at the home were found to be credible and reliable during an inquiry hearing by the Scottish Social Services Council.

Professor June Andrews, a former nurse and dementia expert, said: " The public is now protected from this person.

"The decisive action by the Social Services Council should give the public increased confidence that cruelty will not be tolerated.

"However it depends on staff feeling able to report unacceptable behaviour as soon as they see it.

"Those who came forward deserve respect for defending their residents.It is hard to blow the whistle, but you will be heard."

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Another charge found proved states that Akers said in the presence of elderly residents: “I am f****** sick of this, I hate my f****** job" or words to that effect.

The abuse took place between December 1 2017 and 31 March 2018, while Akers was employed by Forth Care Limited.

Addressing him directly, the SSSC said: "Your case represented a very significant and concerning breach of trust.

"You were in a position of trust in relation to a very vulnerable service user.

"You appeared to have taken a deliberate decision to abuse that trust and to subject her to a pattern of verbal, physical and psychological abuse for your own gratification.

"She relied on you to provide care, and you abused that.

"There was no insight, regret or apology, which was a significant aggravating factor. There had been no acknowledgement of wrongdoing, and no acknowledgement that you should have behaved differently."

The Evening Times contacted the care home for comment but it did not respond.