OFTEN the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is nevertheless an important one.

It can be a challenge, working out how best to use the space available – here are my top tips.

Firstly, add a big mirror.

Putting a mirror across a whole wall can double the look and feel of a small room. This is particularly effective above a vanity unit or along one side of a narrow bathroom. Mirrors are also great for reflecting light, so you can maximise any light fixtures or windows. Add LED lights around the mirrors and you have instant added WOW.

Secondly – have a think about your sink.

Wall-mounted sinks are an excellent way to save floor space and to make your small bathroom appear more open. If storage is an issue, try a wall-mounted floating vanity unit and opt for narrow washbasin designs and for thin-edged sinks.

Also – think vertical when it comes to storage. Small bathrooms don’t have a lot of it, so use the walls – look at recessed cabinets with mirrored fronts above your sink.

Be strategic with colour. Dark walls will make an already small bathroom feel even tinier, so lighten up. Keep dark colours for the floor and accessories.

Our bathroom choices were limited due to it being a new build, but we chose Porcelanosa tiles, added some mirrors and removed the bath panel, replacing it with the leftover tiles - an inexpensive way of making a feature of the bath.

We kept it stylish and simple and added colours that flowed from the rest of the house - blush pink (living room) and navy (bedroom).

The most expensive part of any bathroom, whatever size it is of course is the suite itself. But if you can’t afford a complete overhaul, changing the towels and accessories is a more affordable way of transforming the room.

Matalan and Next have beautiful statement towels and accessories, if you are looking for inspiration.

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The goddess of all things storage, Mrs Hinch recommends this fantastic little storage unit (B&M, £12.99) for toilet rolls and cleaning products in the bathroom. It comes in grey or white, and I have them in both of my bathrooms now. It’s just 31 cm wide, 17cm deep and 33cm high, so it slots round the side of my toilet cistern.

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Ever noticed that your shower tiles have an orangey residue? Me too - it’s a build up of shampoo and conditioner and it drives e crazy. There is absolutely nothing worse than mould in your shower, and as someone who has lived in homes with poor ventilation in the bathroom, I have a personal vendetta against it. Not only can it cause serious health issues, but it is also unsightly and can leave your bathroom smelling awful if it gets really bad. I discovered Astonish Mould and Mildew , (The Range, £1) a powerful cleaner that is easy to use . It’s fast - it removes mould in two minutes and prevents spore regrowth so that your surfaces stay clean and mould and mildew are kept at bay. Word of warning - it’s very strong so keep it well away from children and animals and make sure the room is well ventilated when you use it.