THE people of Glasgow are being asked how they want George Square to look and what is should be used for.

A redesign of the square is being planned but council leaders say they want to hear from the public before taking any decisions.

Plans could involve making the square traffic free or partial pedestrianisation with only public transport allowed on either side.

More space for events, fewer events, more grass and trees or a water feature could all be incorporated depending on public opinion.

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The George Square: Is it time for a change, “conversation” opens tomorrow.

The Connectivity Commission, looking into city centre transport, welcomed the idea of car free streets and extending the public space across the roads at all four sides is a possibility.

The city-wide engagement process will continue until October 30.

The council said the use of George Square has changed throughout its 232-year history as it has been shaped by previous generations of Glaswegians, and said it is now time to look at both how it is currently used and how we should use it in the future.

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Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “George Square is part of the very fabric of Glasgow, an essential part of our civic life which has hosted so many of the most important days and events in the city’s history.

“We now need to think about the equally important role it can play in our future.

“We are opening up this conversation to find out about what Glaswegians really think and feel about George Square and what we all want from it. I

“It’s crucial that we don’t impose anything, so to get as full a picture as possible I’m encouraging everyone in the city to get involved with this important conversation.”

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How to take part: Online at, where people can submit their perspectives and book for eight different workshops – booking online or on 0141 287 8592.

From Saturday 5 October, paper forms and return boxes will be in all 32 Glasgow Life libraries.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit) - use @GeorgeSqGlasgow and #GeorgeSqGlasgow;

Once the results are collected, they will be considered by the city council and a decision will be made on how best to implement what the people of Glasgow have said about George Square.