It had been more steak out than stakeout at Tec Towers as the Moll’s latest health-kick went into overdrive.

“It’s been the worse five days of my life. I’m absolutely starving... I’m beginning to waste away”, I proclaimed, hangry and dreading the thought of another meat-free meal.

“You should be so lucky”, the Moll replied, “and don’t think I haven’t noticed the chocolate bar wrappers in the glove compartment of the Buick…”

Caught, I thought to myself.

“Well, I’m still not having another salad for dinner. Forget it,” I hit back.

“Great. You’ll be more than happy to take me out for a nice meal then. Let’s go.”

I had a sneaky suspicion that I had just played right into the masterplan. But I didn’t care. Seconds later I was behind the wheel of the Buick and heading towards my first proper meal of the week.

We pulled up into Clarkston and headed into a cosy little place called Michaelangelo’s.

The waiter gave us our menus and explained that there weren’t any tables free but that we could sit at the bar and he’d get us a table as soon as one became free.

We got straight into the menu and I immediately had a good feeling about this place.

To start, I went for the antipasto rustic, which included a selection of cured meats, cheeses, mixed olives and grilled vegetables served with homemade Italian bread. The Moll agreed to share, insisting that the olives and the vegetables would be more than enough for her.

That notion, as noble as it may have been, lasted just minutes. And before she knew it, she was tucking into parma ham and salami.

“Don’t even start”, she growled, as my eyes lifted from the plate.

The meat was particularly tasty and went very well with the mozzarella and marinated peppers. But it was the amazing flavour of the sun-dried tomatoes that stole the show.

It was a great start and set the tone for the rest of the meal.

For her main, the Moll plumped for the ravioli dello chef. The pasta had a beautiful spinach and ricotta filling and was topped with a creamy sauce. I went for the pizza San Carlo, which was topped with Italian sausage, salami and pepperoni.

Both mains were busting with flavour and were not too heavy after the big starter.

Our first experience of Michealangelo’s was fantastic and we left with huge smiles on our faces. The food and the atmosphere were first class and the staff were attentive, bubbly and are clearly a huge asset to the restaurant. Needless to say, we’ll be back.

Food ****

Service ****

Atmosphere ****


9 Helena Place

Busby Road


G76 7RB

0141 638 7772


Antipasti Rustico - £17.95


Pizza San Carlo - £12.95

Ravioli Dello Chef - £12.95


Coke - £1.95

Red wine glass x 2 - £11.60

Total = £57.40