These pictures show the devastating aftermath after a fire tore through a pensioner’s flat in Govanhill on Tuesday evening.

Almost everything inside the ground-floor Allison Street flat has been decimated during the blaze, which saw many residents in the block needing evacuated.

In the hallway, the entire ceiling has been torn apart.

The wallpaper has been torched black or ripped off the walls completely; windows have been blown out; the carpet burnt away and the smell of smoke is overpowering.

Police, fire and ambulance crews were called to the heartbreaking scene just before 10.30pm.

Twelve residents were assessed by medics on the scene and one child, accompanied by a parent, was taken to hospital for further assessment.

His granddaughter, who asked not to be named, was holding back the tears as she told the Evening Times of their devastation.

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She said: “He’s lost a lot of family over the years and this is all he has left- this is where his memories are.

“He is distraught. He likes his own space, his own company.

“He doesn’t mind visitors but he likes his own house, so this has taken him right out of his own comfort zone.

“This is his happy place and it’s melted.”

The pensioner, who was not injured in the blaze, is now staying with his daughter while plans are made.

The cause of the fire has not yet been confirmed.

His granddaughter continued: “Every room is just black with smoke. The smell is awful.

“You’re living in rubble, there isn’t even proper ceilings up in most of the rooms everything is melted away.

“It’s scunnering.

“We’re devastated for him, but we’re just thankful that no-one was seriously hurt.

“Now we need to go about rebuilding an old man’s life, but how do we do that. It’s just heartbreaking.”

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A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesman confirmed that five crews were called into action.

He added: “A number of occupants were thereafter evacuated from the four-storey building which had been affected by heavy smoke.

“A total of 12 casualties were assessed by ambulance crews at the scene and two people were subsequently taken to hospital for treatment for slight smoke inhalation.

“Crews left the scene after making the area safe.”

A Scottish Ambulance Service spokesman said: “We received a call at 10.27pm from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to attend a house fire on Allison Street, Glasgow.

“Our special operations response teams and an ambulance were dispatched to scene and 12 casualties assessed on scene by our crews.

“One child (accompanied by their parent) was taken to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital for further assessment.”

Annie Macfarlane, a 52-year-old resident on the second floor, spoke of her shock as the alarm went off in her flat.

She said: “I heard a lot commotion and shouting outside.

“I suddenly realised that it wasn’t playful commotion and it was actually something quite serious.

“There was a lot of panic.

“At that point, despite being two floors up my smoke alarm went off and smoke was billowing in through the flat.

“There are kids in some of the flats above so they may have been those taken to hospital.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman confirmed the force assisted fire crews.