Boris is missing the point

AT the weekend Boris Johnson was heard to address a Tory conference drinks reception to tell them that he didn’t want Nicola Sturgeon anywhere near the COP26 meeting which will take place in Glasgow in 2020.

The UK Government does not have a good record on fighting climate change. Fracking has been forced on communities throughout England, funding for carbon capture and storage projects have been cancelled, solar power subsidies were pulled a year earlier than agreed.

Trident has been renewed whilst nuclear waste from decommissioned nuclear subs lie in our seas unable to be safely dismantled. Meanwhile, Scotland produced enough electricity via windpower in the first six months of 2019 to power 4.47 million homes, yet the Government has failed to develop the national grid to utilise this production effectively. Instead the UK Government chose to build Hinkley point, so far costing £22billion.

The Scottish Government last week agreed to a 75% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, widely recognised as being a world leading target.

Boris clearly does not understand the importance of this summit, his only focus being petty, playground talk devoid of any substance.

The UK Government stand to be embarrassed in all areas as comparisons will be made between the two governments and their practical steps taken to fight climate change. He has once again shown his inadequacies in leadership and inability to understand or face the issues of the 21st century.

Kirsty Etherson, Bishopbriggs

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What punishment?

SO a homeless person with no fixed address and no income can commit a crime, go to Barlinnie then walk out with keys to a new flat and benefits? (Plans to fast-track benefits for outgoing Barlinnie prisoners, Evening Times, October 2). The SNP are being A: very clever OR B: very stupid and gullible.

John Rae, posted online