Smacking ban move

The smacking ban is the tip of the iceberg.

The prevailing group think in social work, education, children’s charities and politics is that children should not be punished at all. Children are thought to be so “vulnerable” that any discomfort or frustration could have serious negative effects on their “well-being”.

Already we see punishments being replaced by mini-counselling sessions in schools under the banner of “Restorative Approaches”. This weak and indulgent process seeks excuses for misbehaviour and leads to a break down in discipline in the longer term.

So, watch this space. By one means or another, from redefining Child Abuse to Children’s Rights activism, parents will be put under pressure to refrain from punishing their children at all. While some MSPs have opposed the smacking ban, none have tackled the underlying philosophy.

As the state continues its project of “liberating” children from the authority of their parents and other adults, children will suffer as they grow up without the clear boundaries and structures that they need.

Richard Lucas, Leader of The Scottish Family Party, Glasgow

Missing the point

John Rae completely misses the point about the Prisons Project, which aims to ensure that prisoners have access to practical advice on issues like housing and benefits prior to release.

For many years people with severe social problems have been leaving institutions with no idea of how to access help thus exacerbating problems for them and wider society. To suggest that they will be picking up keys to new flats is deliberately misleading.

M A, Glasgow

Retirement age

I watched Nicola Sturgeon on TV blame the UK Government for increasing the state pension retirement age for woman.

She stated “the government had robbed these women of their entitlement”. So true. A tragedy indeed.

However, perhaps I missed it, but I did not hear our First Minister add that when Scotland became Independent, under her watch, that she would “reverse immediately” this injustice and it would naturally apply to men also.

FMK East Kilbride