The owner of a slum flat where two students died 20 years ago demanded rent from a tenant despite a council ban.

Harpal 'Harry" Singh wanted cash from 21-year-old Liam Fair in February 2018.

Mr Fair stayed in a property in Melrose Street in Glasgow's Woodlands area.

This was the same street where students James Fraser and Daniel Heron perished in a horrific flat blaze in 1999.

Singh was the landlord - and he was later jailed for perjury after lying under oath that the basement property had working smoke detectors.

Glasgow Times: The flat where James Fraser and Daniel Heron diedThe flat where James Fraser and Daniel Heron died

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The 66-year-old was today back at Glasgow Sheriff Court after Mr Fair reported him to police.

But he escaped with a £270 fine after he pled guilty to a charge of acting in a manner which disrupted the "peace and comfort" of Mr Fair.

A hearing was told Singh was hit with a Glasgow City Council 'rent suspension order' in November 2017.

But, he later turned up unannounced at Mr Fair's flat months later.

Brazen Singh stated: "Have you decided if you are going to pay any rent?"

Mr Fair reminded the rogue landlord about the ban.

But, Singh then replied: "You are not renting from the council. You are renting from me."

Despite his demands, Singh left empty-handed.

However, a concerned Mr Fair immediately contacted the council and police.

Singh - who lives in a £675,000 house in the city's Newlands - was held two days later.

He was subsequently banned from letting out properties following a council meeting in April 2018.

Singh was barred from being a landlord after running unlicensed flats - some without basic fire and safety measures.

Glasgow Times: Harpal Singh was banned last yearHarpal Singh was banned last year

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He claimed to know nothing about the faults.

But, committee chairman Bailie John Kane told him at last year's meeting: "You have a pattern of totally and utterly disregarding those rules."

Singh was also ordered at the time to stump up a £150,000 council tax bill.

His lawyer stated at the court hearing today that Singh had previously been prosecuted "for having a tenancy without a license".

Moira Grant, defending, added: "He is not working and no income other than £5,000 in savings."

Sheriff Sean Murphy QC decided to reduce the fine from £300 due to the guilty plea.

He told Singh: "Mr Fair had no right to be spoken to in such a fashion."

Singh was back in the dock 20 years after a fire ripped through a flat he rented out.

James Fraser and Daniel Heron tragically died. 

An investigation found the flat had not been fitted with a working smoke alarm. 

Metal bars on the windows prevented the students' escape.

Singh was later jailed for 30 months after lying at a fatal accident inquiry for claiming a working smoke alarm was fitted in the hallway.

The charge Singh pled guilty to also stated he "uttered threats" to have Mr Fair evicted.

Singh had faced a second charge of making similar demands to another tenant in Melrose Street a day later.

It was claimed he also warned the woman she would be kicked out and also alleged she would have her gas cut off.

But, prosecutors today accepted a not guilty plea to that charge.