Cleaning up city

The letter from Cheryl McCormick (Letters, Monday) regarding the cleansing issues in her area reflect the grave concerns many people have about the competence of Glasgow City Council to deal with keeping our city clean.

Dozens of letters have been published outlining the concerns of citizens regarding the state of Glasgow, with no apparent maintenance programme, weeds blocking drains, pot holes, graffiti, grass cutting practices which leaves the place worse than before, vermin infestation etc.

There is little or no response from this administration whose complacency is now bordering on arrogance.

They will hopefully pay the price at the next local elections as their promises of cleaning up the city have been found to be bogus.

MA, Glasgow

Protest group stunts

Yet another disruptive stunt by Extinction Rebellion protesters who tried to cover Her Majesty’s Treasury in hundreds of gallons of “fake blood”.

Demonstrations like this, and for other causes, are wasting police time. The cost to taxpayers of demonstrations runs into hundreds of millions of pounds.

Those organising demonstrations should be required to get a licence and pay for the policing. Football clubs are charged for a police presence. If demonstrators believe in their cause they can pay to demonstrate.

Clark Cross, via email

Saving Winter Gardens

Fantastic, well done to the council and everyone else concerned (Evening Times, Saturday).

That stretch from the glasshouse and the clothes poles to the Templeton factory is a quirky gem in the city.

David Callaghan, posted online