Special road maintenance arrangements are being put in place to prevent disruption to those travelling around Glasgow this winter.

The City Council is gearing up for winter as it aims to provide an effective and efficient service to allow the safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians while minimising delays due to weather and ensuring operations are undertaken safely.

This year at least 18 drivers will be on duty on any given night and these numbers can be increased when necessary. Workers will be required to drive large carriageway gritting vehicles depending on weather conditions.

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The programme will come into effect at the beginning of November and is expected to be in place until April 2020.

Roads will mainly be gritted overnight to reduce disruption to normal day time work activities. Roads will also be gritted during normal hours as and when required.

Footways and cycle paths will be looked after during the day. Last week the local authority revealed it had joined forces with Sustrans and Transport Scotland to buy a new vehicle which would de-ice segregated cycle paths with brine.

Carriageways, footways and cycle ways will be prioritised in order of importance.

The most important carriageway routes include all main bus routes registered at the end of the summer, Buchanan Bus Station, designated school drop-off points and public roads accessing fire, ambulance and police stations.

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Footways which will be looked after first, include access routes to schools, shopping centres out with the city centre, pedestrianised areas and city centre paths with a high volume of pedestrians.

The National Cycle Network Number 75 is also deemed a priority. The plan will be discussed by councillors this afternoon.