If you're a regular on the Clockwork Orange, you'll know his voice from a mile away.

From the second you step foot on our subway network you know your day is set to get a whole lot better all thanks to one driver.

His strong English accent and endless enthusiasm - despite what time of day - has quickly brought the the train driver Glasgow fame.... even if no-one knows who he is.

From Reddit threads to viral tweets, it's hard not to know of 'super cheery' man transporting passengers underneath our city.

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And now, Still Game's own Boaby the Barman - aka Gavin Mitchell - has spotted him.

Posting a video of himself from the carriage, Gavin tweeted his encounter - and his facial expressions tell it all.

He joked: "Have you ever known anyone so happy to be going to Govan !!!"

More than 1000 people liked the video within just a few hours.

It's not the first time he's gone viral, though.

Back in July, Twitter user @JennyLConstable wrote: "hello @GlasgowSubway. there’s a driver you have who always announces the stops like an overly dramatic auctioneer no matter what time of the day and it always makes me smile.

"I think he’s doing a really great job. that’s all I really wanted to say."

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That post sparked a number of replies with Glaswegians praising the driver for providing them with a bit of extra happiness during their commute.

One user wrote: "OMG I know the exact guy you mean, I thought it was a recording at first!! He sounds like a game show host I love it".

Another added: "I heard him a couple of weeks ago, he’s hilarious. It’s not so much station announcements as a dramatic voiceover. Everyone looking at each other in the carriage and laughing".

And a third said: "This guy is great. Got a cheery hello when I got off the subway one morning. Top class customer service".

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