Glasgow City Council leader, Susan Aitken has defended the allowance for Lord Provosts after Eva Bolander's spending claims were revealed.

Ms Bolander claimed around £8000 over more than two years of a £5000 annual allowance she is entitled to claim for expenses incurred to carry out civic duties.

The nature of the claims have attracted criticism. They included 23 pairs of shoes costing £1150, five coats at £665 and 14 dresses at £992.

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Her spending also included £252 on underwear and £145 on hosiery.

She spent £751 on 10 haircuts and £479 on 20 nail treatments.

On twitter, Ms Aitken responded to comments on the spending. She said: “It’s part of the LP’s salary in Glasgow, it’s always been understood that there’s an additional cost of being civic leader.

She added the “last Lord Provost was in fortunate financial position of not requiring it."

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Ms Aitken said the underwear claim was “not pants but long slips for under black tie dresses, as I understand”.

When asked online if she would defend a Labour Lord Provost making the claims Ms Aitken said: “Well yes, I would. I believe the civic function is important for the city.

“They attend 100s of events & work long hours. Every Lord Provost bar the last one has used this allowance (and for their wives, in the past). The spend is obviously frontloaded in the first half of a Council term.”