Huge bins aren’t practical

I agree with Bill Love’s letter in Monday’s Evening Times – these humungous unsightly bins suddenly sprung up all over the place.

They’re so big they take up half the pavement! Not practical at all. Thoughtless planning.

MA, Penilee

Council failing to deliver

Why is Glasgow City Council failing the paying public in so many aspects of its services?

Our food bins have not been emptied in over a month. With the result that on Saturday, the binmen who finally came to collect them, refused to empty them because they were too heavy and they couldn’t get the bins down the steps of the close.

Maybe, just maybe mind you, if they emptied them on a regular basis, they wouldn’t be as heavy? When I suggested this I was given the usual daft excuses.

These bins were enforced on us by the council. We complied with the council’s wishes. It is then their responsibility to ensure they are emptied on a regular basis.

It’s the same sad situation with overflowing litter bins, traffic meters that do not work when you want to put your money in them, poor street lighting in some areas, broken traffic lights and litter on our streets.

I wonder what the council spends our money on as it certainly doesn’t put it back in public services. This is the council whose party which wants to independently run a country, yet it can’t even run a city properly.

CB, Shawlands

Well done Linda

Good on you Linda for fighting for your rights and highlighting the flaws in the system (Evening Times, Tuesday) that made it so hard for you in the first place. There will be many like you.

The disabled need more help and support than they currently get. There needs to be more joined up practical thinking. You can’t be disabled or homeless when you are both.

I hope your story encourages more people to tell their stories. Good to see you got a home. Wish you well.

Carol Daly, posted online