Govan is set to benefit from a cash windfall after a local housing association received £10,000 funding from construction manufacturing company CCG.

Elderpark Housing was granted the money as part of the construction company’s “community benefit” commitment.

CCG is currently undertaking construction of 82 new homes in the area and is in the process of restoring the iconic Hills Trust School to become offices for Elderpark Housing.

The housing association has said that the £10,000 will be used to deliver on a range of small projects and community events in the area.

To date, the money has helped pay for a senior citizen’s afternoon tea, a community funday and furnishing for Elderpark Community Centre, with plans in place to use some of the money to buy land for a community garden.

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Elderpark Housing deputy chief executive Shirley McKnight said: “Nowadays contractors are encouraged to deliver this ‘community benefit’ when they are awarded contracts from housing providers such as Elderpark.

“CCG’s generous contribution of £10,000 has already started to benefit the community and will continue to do so over the rest of the year as we look at ways this money can be used.

“Elderpark Housing shares CCG’s vision of delivering affordable housing underpinned by strong communities.

“We thank CCG for helping us to achieve this.”

CCG’s managing director David Wylie said: “We are delighted to see that our donation is already being used to support the people of Govan by creating a lasting legacy from our work in the delivery of new affordable homes and the restored Hills Trust School.

“Elderpark Housing’s commitment to Govan is to be commended, without whom this donation would not be possible.”