A RANGERS fan who is battling cancer has been given the surprise of his life after the club arranged for him to meet his Ibrox heroes. 

Dougie Boyd was told by his son Kenny that he was going to the stadium for a tour - only to meet his idol Mark Hateley on arrival. 

The surprise was arranged by the Rangers charity foundation who filmed the moment and shared it with fans on their social media. They received a call from Kenny who revealed his father had been battling prostate cancer. He asked if his father could meet Mark Hateley and shake his hand. 

Glasgow Times:

In the clip, which has been viewed more than 130,000 times, Hateley, 57, who played for the club in the 90s, meets Dougie who simply breaks down with tears of joy the moment he sees his Ibrox hero in the flesh. 

Kenny said: "Well my dad was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer last year and it's spread to his bones now. So he has not got long left.

"He was on chemotherapy but that stopped working. They put him on some other tablets but he ended up being in hospital having taken them. So we're not sure exactly where we can go from here or how longe he has left. 

"So I wanted to do something good for him while we still can."

Glasgow Times:

Dougie said: "I saw a chap with a camera just at the front entrance and I knew at that point that something was on the go.

" And then when Mark Hateley came into the room I was sitting in, I knew that this was going to be a good day. 

Glasgow Times:

"To actually meet the man in person it's hard to describe really. It was quite emotional actually. It was in the back of my mind last night and I said to my wife I wonder if Steven Gerrard will be there but it just passed through my mind, it didn't linger. 

"But it was a big surprise to see him and it was a great moment."

The club also arranged for Dougie to be at the centre of their squad as he took a once-in-a-lifetime team photo.

Dougie said: "It's a memory that will last for the rest of my life, really. To meet the players in person. It's hard to describe how I'd feel. There again it will stay with me forever, forever. And I'll be forever a Rangers man.