Lord Provost expenses

Eva Bolander should be ashamed of herself and should pay back every last penny of the £8000 she ‘claimed’ as expenses for being Lord Provost and then she should resign from her position.

She has abused the trust of the people of Glasgow and should not remain as Lord provost.

Eva must repay the money and stand down immediately.

Disgusted, Glasgow

Expenses are ‘wrong’

Seems wrong to me that the homeless are struggling to obtain food and shelter while the Lord Provost spends £751 on hair cuts and £479 on nail treatments not to mention £1150 on shoes. How many feet does she have?

LJ T, Glasgow

Poor city transport

The difference between Barcelona and Glasgow is that Barcelona has a comprehensive reliable, underground train system as an alternative method of travel to cars (Glasgow looks to Barcelona for cleaner, healthier streets model, Thursday).

Why has there been no enlargement made to Glasgow’s wee system?

The Barcelona climate also enables much more use of scooters and motorbikes to get around all year and their cycle lanes weren’t planned by Sustrans Scotland, and are actually quite well planned, although wide streets, such as the Diagonal help, as many cycle lanes go down the central reservation.

Ronnie Simpson, posted online

Not against plans

I wouldn't be against no cars, buses or taxis in the city centre as long as the roads everywhere round about were bang on and traffic could stop, drop off, pick up at designated areas, no problem.

Also has to be major car parks on the outskirts to facilitate this idea.

Gerry McGonigle, posted online