I sense much hypocrisy

Glasgow's political opposition, mainly Labour and Tory, are expressing outrage and scandal, demanding resignation and repayment of spending by the Lord Provost on clothes and footwear.

I am not a member of any party, but I sense much hypocrisy, opportunism and point-scoring on their part, as well as short memories regarding expenses regarding their own parties.

I suspect that had the Lord Provost been a man, less fuss would have been made, especially on the underwear aspect.

Our LP meets dignitaries, visitors and delegates from around the world, in fact, that is mainly what the role is. Are the opposition parties expecting her to be wearing a T-shirt, denims and trainers?

I’m old enough to remember when the Lord Provost, of any party, was chauffeur-driven around in a Rolls Royce, despite there being a lot of poverty and bad housing.

Robert Brennan, Castlemilk

Remember Leave won

Can I ask with regard to Scotland’s highest civil court, have these judges taken into consideration or listened to the British people? We the British people were asked using the democratic process of the United Kingdom whether we wished to remain in Europe or leave Europe, and using the democratic process of the United Kingdom we the British people voted to leave.

Also, can someone tell me who is paying for all these court proceedings, if it is the tax payer can we the tax payer go to the highest Scottish civil court and demand the people who are bringing these actions repay the taxpayer?

Jim Tees, via email

Rights and morality

I have no doubt Glasgow Lord Provost Eva Bolander was “acting within council rules” when she squandered taxpayers’ money.

Like other Councillors, MPs and MSPs they quickly quote their “rights” when challenged on their expenses. All the electorate asks is: Use your moral conscience before dipping into the public purse. Ask yourself : “Would I spend my own money on this?”

We are no longer the “great” country we once were so let’s cut the expenditure to suit.

FMK, East Kilbride