Brexit will dominate the agenda as the SNP gathers for its annual conference this weekend.

With less than three weeks until the UK is due to leave the EU, possibly with no deal agreed,

Tomorrow the conference kicks off with a Q&A on Brexit with Michael Russell, Scottish Government Brexit minister, Joanna Cherry MP, Alyn Smith MEP.

Susan Aitken, Glasgow City Council leader will speak at a fringe event on Brexit: Where next for Scotland.

Other panel discussions across the three day event in Aberdeen will discuss the options for Scotland if and when the UK finally leaves the EU.

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In her opening remarks Nicola Sturgeon said: “We gather at a time of great uncertainty, and amid quite unprecedented political circumstances.

“Never in my lifetime has politics been so turbulent, and never in that time has the threat to Scotland’s wellbeing and prosperity been so profound.

“A Tory government led by a cabal of hardline extremists intent on pushing through Brexit, no matter the harm and damage it will cause, has led us to the brink of disaster.”

Other topics to be discussed include drugs policy and a call to devolve powers to Scotland to allow a public health approach to the drug crisis to be followed.

Ms Sturgeon will also re-iterate her message that there should be a second referendum on Scottish independence within the next two years

Ms Sturgeon added: “Scotland said no to Brexit and we meant it.

That is a message the SNP will take into any forthcoming election – along with a crystal clear message that Scotland must have the right to choose independence, within the current Holyrood term of parliament, with the democratic mandate we already have.”