Nicola Sturgeon said she will be seeking the power to hold a second referendum on independence within weeks.

Speaking as the SNP is opening its annual conference in Aberdeen the First Minister said she will be asking the UK Government to agree terms for a referendum before the end of the year and said it will in be a matter of weeks.

The First Minister ruled out a Catalonia style referendum without agreement as some independence supporters have called for if the UK refused the powers.

Ms Sturgeon said she wants a method that will result in independence and see Scotland recognised as an independent country.

She told the Andrew Marr Show on the BBC that support was growing and legislation was going through Holyrood  and she would be asking the Prime Minister for the powers very soon.

She said: "We will do it at an appropriate moment when the legislation is passing.

"It is likely to be over the next matter of weeks. It is coming soon."

She said on any other possible route to independence she would “not tell supporters what they wanted to hear”, adding “I’ve watched Brexiteers do that.

The First Minister was speaking as a new poll was released showing support for independence at 50%.

The Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times also showed people believe Scotland would be economically better of as an independent country in the European Union instead of part of the UK outside the EU.