LP role out of date

LORD Provost Eva Bolander should resign.

But it also highlights the outdated role of the LP. Do we really need someone like her prancing about in a Rolls to represent the people of Glasgow at hundreds of events?

She does not represent me and is way out of touch with Glaswegians.

T Paine, Glasgow

Expenses questions

How can you defend the indefensible Catriona Stewart, October 10)? No reasonable person would claim for makeup, shoes or hairdressing work.

I can just about get clothing as part of doing business but not hats, specs or pants.

HMRC does not allow anything but clothing required for your role as an expense so why was the Lord Provost advised that she could? Why did she claim and who approved it?

Andrew Burns, posted online

Avoid B&B rip-offs

Why not use the £26m and buy houses and flats (Brutal reality of Glasgow’s temporary homeless accommodation, October 11)? That way you will have property you can use at temporary accommodation.

You will not then be spending millions every year on rip-off B&Bs – if you can even call them that.

Short term thinking by the council again.

John James, posted online

Hellholes are a disgrace

I personally have used those hell holes they like to call bed sites, hostels or hotels, though fortunately that was a long time ago.

The only words I can use are a ‘total and utter disgrace’.

People who have mental health issues or addiction don’t want to be in this situation and really shouldn’t have to be, either.

It is BASIC HUMAN NEEDS, that everyone should have, regardless of their backgrounds.

Kellyann Allan, posted online