A BID to have a 'Plan B' for independence debated at the SNP conference has been rejected.

As the party opened its conference in Aberdeen, Chris McEleny, an Inverclyde councillor, and former deputy leadership candidate, attempted to get additional business on the agenda.

He wanted a debate on using a parliamentary majority to enter into negotiations with the UK government on independence, if the UK Government refuses a Section 30 order to hold a referendum.

Mr McEleny, said: “Plan A is the plan we want to have. We have a triple lock mandate. But we should at least have a debate. You may not agree with the policy but we are a democratic political party.”

SNP National Secretary Angus McLeod opposed the bid and said the request for a resolution has been rejected twice and he has sought to work with Mr McEleny on a future resolution.

He said: “If a properly drafted resolution is submitted we would consider it for a future conference.”.

He said a “rejected resolution is not emergency business.”

Before the bid was made one senior party figure said the Plan B idea needed to be "shut down".

Mr McEleny’s bid was rejected overwhelmingly in a vote of delegates in the conference, with around two dozen backing his bid.

Tensions have been rising among some in the SNP and wider independence movement on tactics should the UK Government refuse a request for a second independence referendum.

Nicola Sturgeon said earlier in the day she would be seeking the Section 30 powers “in a matter of weeks”.

She ruled out any other route to achieving independence.

However, if the request is refused some want a majority in favour of independence at the next Holyrood Elections to be taken as a mandate for independence.

Ms Sturgeon was on the stage during the call for an additional debate on a Plan B to be debated and the vote.