THE SNP said it has prepared a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson’s government and has urged Labour and the LiDems to act to remove him from office.

The party’s Westminster Leader Ian Blackford said in the opening address to the party’s conference in Aberdeen it was time to get rid of the “liars and cheaters” of the “Tory Brexit cult”.

Mr Blackford said: “I can announce today - the SNP has prepared a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson and this Tory government. We will not play Boris Johnson’s games and give in to his demands.”

He said the only way to stop the chaos was a General Election.

He said: “It’s time for Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson to step out of the sand pit and step up to the job.

“So let’s come together, back a vote of No Confidence, get rid of Boris Johnson, secure that extension and give power back to the people with a general election.

He said : “Jeremy, Jo. The clock is ticking. The SNP is ready to act. Are you?”

He was speaking as MPs are ready to return to Westminster for a Queen’s Speech, including a commitment to leave the EU on October 31, and he said if is put to a vote the SNP will vote against it.

He added: “The UK government is in crisis, pursing a policy of economic and social destruction, being led by a Prime Minister who lies, makes racist comments and aspires to be his own Etonian version of Donald Trump.  

“The liars and the cheaters of the Vote Leave Campaign are pulling the strings of power in Downing Street. 

“Vote Leave is now in command of the UK Government and the Brexit fan boys have taken control of the Tory party.

“The Brexit cult has well and truly taken over, and they are desperate to drive us off the Brexit cliff edge. “