The Police Federation has warned that money is running out and there will be no cash left to pay officers wages because of budget cuts.

Calum Steele of the Scottish Police Federation told the Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf in order to balance budgets the Chief Constable would have to cut between 750 and 1000 officers and added: “At the current rate the police service is going to run out of money and not be able to pay wages in February.”

He also said that police buildings were crumbling and police cars were not up to the job.

Mr Steele added that there are detectives with no access to cars.

At a fringe meeting at the SNP Conference in Aberdeen, Mr Yousaf however said it was an “outrageous” suggestion and offered Mr Steele a bet that that one or the other should resign if wages area or are not paid.

He said “Shall we make a bet?”

Mr Yousaf said “It simply won’t happen” and he also said there would not be a reduction of 750 officers.

The Justice Secretary said the options were the chief constable would ask for more money which would be given consideration by the government or Police Scotland would run a deficit, picked up by the Scottish Government.

Mr Steel however said The police service should not have to rely on a deficit to pay officers.

Mr Steel warned SNP politicians and activists that people were not satisfied with police resources.

He said if the party goes into an election talking about record number sand low crime they be in for a shock.

He added: “People care about policing in their communities.

Communities are beginning to get scunnered that resources once available are no longer there.”

Mr Yousaf however said that he would not turn his back on the chief constable if requests were made for additional resources and that he would fight for a share of the budget in cabinet.

He added: “ We will have a challenging conversation over the next few months..

He added: “We are entering a critical phase in policing. There is a spending review coming up. When the Chief Constable comes to me and says this is what I need to keep the country safe I will never turn my back on that.”