Families fear an elaborate “scam” at an Ayr caravan park will have left them hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

Dozens of Craig Tara holiday hopefuls who booked through third-party Lisa McGuire have been left with the devastating news that their trip has been cancelled – and they will likely not get their money back.

Police say enquiries are at an early stage after the Facebook group belonging to Ms McGuire was taken down and all contact cut off – leaving caravan owners and customers out of pocket.

More than 1000 people have now joined a “Scammed by Lisa McGuire – Craig Tara” social media group to share their experiences.

Kirsty Duffy, a 26-year-old nurse from Erskine, was left heartbroken after her two holidays for next year at the Haven-run caravan park were cancelled.

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She told the Evening Times: “I’m quite emotional about it all. I have three young kids and they’re all missing out.

“I’m a nurse and work 14-hour shifts so It’s good to have something to look forward too.

“We booked in to visit during Easter and July, a good chunk of our savings was spent this.”

Kirsty, who spent around £300 on the caravan holidays, previously had a positive experience booking through Ms McGuire in the past.

Despite being initially re-assured her holidays would go ahead, she has now not had any word back from Ms McGuire and is now in contact with her bank to try and retrieve her cash.

“She’ll have made so much money from ruining people’s holidays,” Kirsty added.

“The amount of people in the Facebook group [created after the alleged scam came to light] is unreal, and some people have forked out as much as £2000.

“She was even selling Christmas vouchers aimed at kids, saying ‘Santa is taking you to Craig Tara’ – it’s totally disgusting.”

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Tanya Forde, a 35-year-old mum-of-two from East Kilbride also lost around £300 in the alleged scam after having a similar positive experience with Ms McGuire earlier this year.

She said: We had booked two caravans so relatives could come up from London. Our grandpa passed away so we planned a get-together.

“We were really upset when we heard, and quite angry.

“There are people in a worse situation than us, but it’s still shocking”.

A spokesperson for Craig Tara said: “We were upset to hear that a small number of people have been duped into purchasing holidays through fraudulent social media sites.

“We have advised people who have contacted us directly to report the matter to the police.

“We always advise customers to book only through trusted channels, for example through the official Haven website, ABTA agent or affiliated third party.

“In doing so, both your money and your holiday experience can be protected by us. We would strongly urge customers not to attempt to make bookings through social media channels.

“We are continuing to monitor such sites and report to the necessary authorities where appropriate.”

Lisa McGuire has been approached for comment.