Thirty-four formerly homeless people are settling into new homes following the closure of Glasgow hostels.

Glasgow’s Health and Social Care Partnership recently closed several hostels with accommodation unfit for the 21st century as part of its service modernisation.

Residents were found alternative accommodation including Housing First tenancies.

One of those newly accommodated is Paul Gallacher, 47, who is benefitting from Housing First case worker support.

Having previously stayed in a hostel for nine months, Paul says he is happy with the housing he has been found by the city’s homelessness service.

He added: “Being homeless was terrible.

“At the hostel I just had a wee room, which was about the third of the size of my new living room, a tiny kitchenette and a shared bathroom.

“Now I’ve got this flat and all this space.

“My flat’s in the area where I wanted to live and I don’t have to share a bathroom.

“At first, I was worried when I heard the hostel was closing.

“But the other night I was sitting on my sofa watching TV and I suddenly realised, I don’t have to worry anymore.

“I’m happy with what the homelessness services have found me.”