Police have locked down a block of flat in Maryhill following the suspicious death of a man.  

The force have cordoned off the flats in Carrbridge Drive which is in the Wyndford estate. 

The 45-year-old was discovered last night. 

Glasgow Times:

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Local residents have said dozens of police cars descended on the block late last night. 

Glasgow Times:

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Two officers stand guard at the entry which has been completely cordoned off. 

Glasgow Times:

One resident said: “There was loads of police late last night all rushing to the flats. 

“I’ve heard rumours over what has happened. It’s obviously something big if they have shut all that off.”

Another resident said: “The police have been at the flats since the back of midnight. 

“I live in the bottom floor and my door went. Two officers were just asking me questions and said an incident had taken place. 

“After that forensics were in and out the block throughout the night. 

“They haven’t told us anything but we need to sign to get in and out the flats.”

There are several blocks in Carrbridge Drive and block nine appears to be at the centre of the police probe.

A police support unit remains at the scene which confirms the investigation is ongoing. 

Glasgow Times:

Detectives were also seen coming and going from the property. 

The force has been contacted for comment. 

More soon.