I always thought I would opt for an older build “a project” to work on however when we were at the stage to buy a family home we were also getting married and we had a lot of commitments with caring for relatives, so it felt like buying a new build was the easiest option.

Our sales advisor Laura, at Springfield, was amazing. She kept us regularly updated on all the stages of the process, gave us an opportunity to ask as many questions as we needed and ensured that our home was exactly how we had envisioned it.

I am a creative person and even I struggled to imagine what a small board in a showroom with tiles on it would look like in a full bathroom. I struggled initially with the thought of paying for something that I had never seen. My plot was just dirt when I started, and I found this stage stressful.

As this was our first new build home we weren’t aware that you could move radiators, light sockets and plugs at the planning stage. Have you ever gone to a hotel and wanted to charge your phone or dry your hair at the mirror and there is no plug? Its very frustrating so I wanted to ensure that our home wasn’t like that. I had to plan out our bedrooms before the foundations were even dry. I had to know where I was placing the beds to ensure that plugs and sockets were in the right place. I would definitely buy new build again. I loved how involved we were in the process.

Watching our home being built in stages, getting butterflies in your tummy as you turn the corner and see that you have walls and a door. Then you go back, and you have a roof. I loved that everything was brand new and I had a blank canvas to turn my months of vision into reality.

Must have buy

Buying our house meant masses of important paperwork. We had meetings with lawyers, financial advisors, kitchen fitters, bathroom shops and I was getting into a little bit of a mess. I bought this paperwork organiser from Amazon (£12.49). This allowed me to store everything I needed in order and meant nothing would go missing.

Cleaning tip:Thanks to the lovely Mrs Hinch I have learned a new cleaning tip to get your interior doors looking in tip top condition. To keep pre-sprayed white doors mark-free, pour a cup of fabric conditioner into a bowl of water, mix it up and wipe the door with a scourer in a circular motion.

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