Drugs message

Drugs deaths in Scotland are appallingly common.

Being an echo chamber of “progressive” liberalism, the SNP cannot muster anything in response beyond decriminalisation, “safe” injection facilities, tackling dealers and support for addicts.

Utterly absent is the principle that illegal drug abuse is irresponsible and selfish.

The amoral “harm reduction” approach focuses on relieving the human misery currently manifesting, but at the expense of maintaining the cycles that produce it.

It’s time to regain the understanding of the wider consequences of drug abuse.

It’s not just a matter of personal risk assessment; abusers endanger the wider public, cause pain to their families, and massive cost to their unfortunate employers or, more likely, the state.

Not another penny of taxpayers’ cash should fund organisations peddling “we’re here to help you take drugs safely” messages – especially in schools.

Persuade people that the dangers of drugs can be managed and the deterrent against experimentation is diluted

We should protect young people by fiercely attacking supply chains, deterring personal possession, communicating the dangers, making it clear that illegal drugs are not an acceptable choice in Scotland, and above all, insisting that it is wrong to endanger others while expecting them to foot the bill for one’s self-centred pursuit of fleeting sensation.

Richard Lucas, Leader of The Scottish Family Party, Glasgow

Postcode justice

So a scumbag drug dealer gets a sentence you could do with your eyes shut because he stays in a leafy suburb (Footballer David Fraser, whose career cut short by cancer caught with £30,000 cocaine, Evening Times, October 15).

You couldn’t make it up .

Disgusted, East End