Disgrace over police

How much contempt does Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf show to the people of Scotland (Evening Times, October 15) by offering a bet to Calum Steele of the police federation as to police officers being paid after February, and who shall resign?

This is a situation that should never arise let alone be discussed or bet on.

We already have a struggling police force where public confidence is low, what message is he trying to send?

This man should walk away NOW as he and his party’s record on law and order speaks for itself. Fewer officers, ageing motor fleet, ageing buildings, no police station access after midnight, the list goes on. And he is on the fringes of his party conference, making totally contemptuous bets and remarks about the countries guardians of law and order. Absolute disgrace.

I challenge the media to dig deep into the police and lack of resources in this country since the inception of Police Scotland, or as they say, Polis Alba.

H Mckean, via email

Ditch the freedom cry

So Ms Sturgeon thinks she has the answer by continually shouting Freedom. Let us not fall for this guff, at no time will the “sound” people of Scotland fall for this stupid argument, when everything the SNP touches leads to increases costs, always to the voters’ loss.

Get on with running Scotland and ditch this stupid argument once and for all.

L S, via email

Clean up on cars

People will always need cars (We need total shift away from cars, says environment chief, Evening Times, October 16). Manufacturers should be made to clean them up (ie produce electric cars).

In fact, all manufacturers of any product should be made to be responsible for their products for their full life cycle from creation to disposal.

Blame the dealers, not the users.

Mark Blanshard, posted online