Love Island star Michael Griffiths has confirmed he is NOT doing a meet and greet in a Glasgow chippy - despite the firm previously boasting online.

City favourite Blue Lagoon has posted on Facebook that the ITV2 reality star would be making an appearance at their Argyle Street premises. 

They told how they were "buzzing" for Michael to come to the restaurant, which is due to launch their new look on November 21.

However the post has since been deleted, and the islander has hit out at "fools" and even joked about suing.

Glasgow Times:

In a series of tweets, Michael said: "You have to be a fool to believe this. 

"Might just sue for defamation of character."

He added: "Now why would I do this, I can't believe they actually fooled you into believing this."

And later wrote: "It's funny how people will believe everything they read...people should know by now to only believe it when you see it".

The Evening Times have contacted the Blue Lagoon for comment.