Hundreds gathered on Sauchiehall street this morning for Watt Brothers to open it's doors for the first time since it went into administration. 

Yesterday morning staff and customers were told without any previous warning to leave the store as administrators KMPG moved in on the 104 year old business. 

This morning, hundreds gathered in the hopes of snapping up a bargain, after rumours circulated online last night of a mass sale with prices slashed only to pennies.

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Queues gathered from 8AM, although the store did not open until 10AM. 

Glasgow Times:

Bill Carroll, 57 from Maryhill, was the first in the queue which snaked around the corner of the building.

"I used to come here most Saturdays. When I was a child there was Littlewoods, Woolworths, BHS, the shopping precinct... it's all gone. 

Glasgow Times: Bill CarrollBill Carroll

"Sauchiehall street used to be one of the busiest.There's no doubt that online shopping has played a big part in the city centres and it's a shame really. Again, lots of people that use the online shopping depend on the city centre shops for their livelihoods. 

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"Today i'm looking for a couple of things for the kitchen, a new jacket for things coming in for the winter. Primark is a shop that I don't like, at all, I like Watt Brothers because you can get everything that you need and it's better quality than the other more popular shops."

Glasgow Times:

Rosanne and Adam Marchbank, both 67 from Barlanark, were second in the queue, having arrived just after 8AM. 

"It's so sad. We were here at the back of 8AM, hoping to buy a nice new kettle and pajamas for the kids for Christmas, even a kitchen timer. 

Glasgow Times:

"It'd be good if there was a sale on. They usually are reasonable and it's quality, not garbage. You can get everything in here - to me it was an upend Woolworths, better stuff" said Roseanne.

"We came in quite periodically. We'd hed here first because we knew we'd get it here, then if you didn't you could walk about" said Adam.

"It was very fast, the way they closed. They've cut their own throats with it. It's just so sad." 

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Glasgow Times:

Watt Brothers was incorporated in 1915 and sold a range of branded electricals, homeware and fashion products. 

It had a further 10 stores located across Scotland

Those stores were closed yesterday, where the stock was brought to the Sauchiehall street shop and will continue to be sold until the stock is relinquished.