Incredible man

Amid all the gloom today, the article on Edwin Leadbetter’s exploits in helping to defend the convoys in the Second World War (Evening Times, Monday) was a breath of fresh air. What an incredible man.

His daughter is rightly proud of his achievements and I hope her bold move on writing to President Putin pays off and he completes his thoroughly deserved medal collection.

MA, Glasgow

Brave veteran

Where would we be if it wasn’t for these courageous veterans fighting the war?

Great story of a brave veteran and an amazing father (Evening Times, Monday), fingers crossed President Putin will reply back with your medal very soon.

Sam T, posted online

Bonfire night crackdown

While it is great news that the police have promised a firework crackdown in Pollokshields (Evening Times, Friday) after they rounded up the ringleaders – why only Pollokshields?

This crackdown should be for the whole of the Glasgow city.

No fireworks should be sold to private individuals and should only be on display in organised displays.

We have this same problem every year and now is the time to call a halt once and for all. We should have one fireworks night that does not sound like a war zone and without any injuries or deaths occurring .

Round up all the fireworks on offer of sale in Glasgow now BEFORE it is too late.

Disgusted, Glasgow