Scotland's animal welfare charity has addressed public concerns after three dogs were filmed living in an industrial estate in Glasgow. 

Footage emerged on social media of the three animals on Sunday - with many online questioning the standard of shelter available.

The dogs can be seen tethered to a fence post or sat in travel cages. 

Worried dog group 'Find Rocky and Lost and Found Glasgow' shared the video on Facebook. It has since been viewed more than 100,000 times with more than 1000 people commenting their concerns. 

One social media user commented: "Can someone not help these fur babies.

"They should not be out side in this cold night".

Another added: "Totally disgusting condition to keep any animal in."

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The Scottish SPCA, who attended the site, said they were "not satisfied with how the dogs are being kept", however stressed that the owners are not violating animal welfare law.

They say they are working closely with the owner to make improvements.

In a statement, published publicly on social media to help address concerns, Scottish SPCA chief inspector Elaine Lindsay said: "We are aware of three dogs at an industrial estate near Glasgow.

"We understand the public concern for these dogs but the Scottish SPCA can only take action to seize animals where animal welfare legislation has been contravened and it has not in this case.

"Although we are not happy with the way these animals are being kept, it still meets the minimum legal welfare standards.

"The Scottish SPCA must operate within the law. There is little we can do in circumstances such as this other than offer advice on improvements."

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She added that the charity have attended the location "several times over the last week" to give the owner advice and the Scottish SPCA will "continue to monitor the situation."

She said: "The dogs are in good body condition and were bright, alert, social and friendly.

"They are not in any distress. They have access to shelter that abides by the law but we have put steps in place to ensure the animals welfare.

"We don’t scan animals for microchips unless they are stray or in cases of cruelty where we are trying to locate the owner.

"We have no reason to believe these dogs are stolen.

"If anyone suspects otherwise, this is a matter for Police Scotland who can be contacted on 101."